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Send a Text Message Directly From Your Computer

Send a Text Message Directly From Your Computer

Are your thumbs sore from constantly using that tiny keyboard on your phone? Is your phone in another room or is the battery dead? Are you busy at your computer and don’t want to keep pausing to answer texts? We get it! It happens to all of us and we’re here to help. Learn how to send a SMS Text Message directly from your computer!


You can send texts directly from your email using SMS Gateway. Just follow the easy steps below.

  1. You’ll need to know the person’s mobile carrier. If you don’t know, you can easily find out HERE.
  2. Their SMS Gateways email address will be as follows: [Their 10-digit phone number]@[The SMS Gateway Domain]. We’ve compiled a list of the SMS Gateway Domains below for the most common carriers.
    • Verizon:
    • Sprint:
    • AT&T:
    • Boost Mobile:
    • T-Mobile: (you must include 1, which is the U.S. Country Code, before the phone number)
    • U.S. Cellular:
    • Cricket Wireless:
    • Alltel:
  3. Compose the email as you normally would and hit send! (Remember to keep it to 160 characters or less.)
  4. Keep in mind, the above is only for text messages. For messages that include pictures and other media, you’ll need to send as a MMS. See instructions HERE.

You’ll find that sending a text message directly from your computer via email is useful when your contacting a non-smartphone user or keep a more professional record of your correspondence.

Other easy ways to send a text message directly from your computer via iMessage, Android Messages, and Cortana on Windows 10 can be found on

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