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Now Hiring: Cable Installer

Now Hiring: Cable Installer


Premier Networx is hiring a Cable Installer.

As a Cable Installer, you will install and repair telecommunication cables and equipment. You are also responsible for maintenance, which includes testing lines when there is trouble reported by the customer, and modifying, adjusting or replacing equipment that is malfunctioning. The job can be demanding, so Cable installers should be physically fit and able to endure hard work, as well as be prepared for different types of installations, including maneuvering into small spaces and working in elevated work environments.

Customer service is a big part of this job, as is the technical know-how to use diagnostic equipment and tools to service telecommunications equipment.


  • Bookkeeping: Cable installers need to keep track of parts used, time spent at a customer’s site.
  • Color Vision: Wires and cables are color coded for safety reasons, and installers must have color vision to help them in their job.
  • Customer Service: Working directly with customers means that cable installers need to be friendly, polite and be able to describe the actions being taken during repair or installation.
  • Dexterity: Installing and repairing wires and cables means using your hands, and having full range of motion in your hands and fingers is necessary.
  • Technical Skills: Working with computers, diagnostic equipment and complex machines is part of the job.
  • Troubleshooting: Cable installers need to be able to find the root cause of technical issues and devise a solution for repairing it.

*Requires a valid driver’s license

*Full Time

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