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Human Error with Data Loss – What is the cost?

Human Error with Data Loss – What is the cost?

Data is such an important part of today’s world, and you are likely doing all you can to protect it. Firewalls, malware protection data encryption, and so on. Does any of this sound familiar? You are doing great! However, your protection is only as strong as your weakest link. To be honest, this is likely your people. It is very likely that data leaks at the hands of your employees are not intentional, but human error is more likely the cause of any data loss (around 70%). It looks like different things, such as deleting files without any backup, downloading files with viruses, and so on. 

These losses can and will cost you money, while likely damaging your reputation. Productivity can suffer without access to important files; customers can be lost if they feel their data is not safe with you and your company. The repercussions are really endless. But how do you prevent human error? A great place to start is by ensuring you have secure platforms for transferring and saving all of your files. Enroll your employees in network security classes, where they will learn the risks of using public networks and how to identify phishing attempts. This effort needs to be continual and company wide in order for it to be effective. 

While there are steps you can take to reduce human error and data losses, it is never fool-proof. It is important to protect all business information by reducing opportunities. Create a data recovery plan! Working with an IT company like Premier Networx is a great way to ensure your recovery plan is solid. Our managed IT services can help build your defenses and reduce your vulnerabilities to human error. Contact us today!

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