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How to Stay Safe on Unsecured Public WiFi

How to Stay Safe on Unsecured Public WiFi

Unsecured public Wifi can really come in handy, especially when you need to save your data. However, it can come with some serious security risks. Safely use public Wifi by using these guidelines:

  • Never access sensitive or personal data. That includes: banking information, work and personal email, social media, etc.
  • Never leave your computer, phone, or tablet unattended or unlocked.
  • Never shop online using public WiFi. When entering your credit card information and address, you can easily be hacked.
  • Whenever possible, use your Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN can encrypt all the data and information you send and receive while using public WiFi.
  • Turn your Bluetooth off when you’re not using it. Hackers look for open Bluetooth signals to gain access to your devices.
  • Turn off the automatic WiFi Connectivity when you aren’t in a safe place like home or work. Although this is an extremely convenient feature, it allows your device to seamlessly connect to unsecured WiFi hot spots without your knowledge or consent.

Types of attacks to watch out for:


  • Send emails disguised as legitimate messages
    • Trick users into disclosing credentials
    • Deliver malware that captures credentials


  • Inject malware into legitimate online advertising networks
    • Deliver malware to visitors that captures credentials


  • Target a popular site: social media, corporate intranet
    • Inject malware into the code of a legitimate website
    • Deliver malware to visitors that captures credentials


  • Scan internet-facing company assets for vulnerabilities
    • Exploit discovered vulnerabilities to establish a foothold
    • Move laterally through the network to discover credentials


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