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How to Clear Your Cache and Cookies

How to Clear Your Cache and Cookies

Your browser is saving information from all the websites that you are visiting. Clearing your cache and cookies will help fix certain problems like loading and formatting issues.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer when you visit websites. They store activity on each site and save your preferences. Third parties can use cookies to track your browser history, which is a privacy concern for some.

What is cache?

A browser cache downloads website data, documents, and images for faster loading in the future. By storing this information, you browser is able to load the information repeatedly without having to download it again from the server.

We recommend that you clear your cookies and cache once a week to protect your privacy and keep your browser running efficiently.

How to clear your cache and cookies:

Internet Explorer: Select the Favorites button > Select the History tab > Choose how you want to view your history by selecting a filter from the menu. If you would like to delete specific sites, right-click a site and select delete.

Mozilla Firefox: Click the Library button > click History > Click Recent History > Select how much history you would like to clear > Check the boxes to select what information you would like to clear > Click Clear Now.

Google Chrome: At the top right, click More > Click More Tools > Clear Browsing Data > Choose a time range > Select the types of information you want to remove > Click Clear Data.

Safari (Mac): History > Clear History > Click the Pop-up Menu > Choose how far you want your browsing history cleared.

Safari (iOS): Settings > Safari > Tap Clear History and Website Data.

Microsoft Edge: Favorites > History > Clear History > Choose the types of data you want removed from your PC > Select Clear.

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