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Quick Tips to Fix a Frozen Computer

Quick Tips to Fix a Frozen Computer

Sometimes technology gets overwhelmed and our screen “freezes.” It can be a personal device or even a work computer; either way, there is nothing more frustrating. Luckily, we have a few tips to help you overcome a frozen screen. 

Check for Any Applicable Updates

Outdated software will make any device lag behind; not only do software updates help with the operations of your computer, but it is also a great practice for cybersecurity. If this is a work device, you may have to seek the advice or assistance of your IT department. 

Check Your Hardware

Sometimes, your computer’s disconnect can be physical. Ensure all cables and hardwares are properly connected. 

Uninstall Unused Programs and Clear Your Cache

Your computer also needs disk space in order to operate correctly; if your computer is freezing frequently, you may have too many programs installed. Start with deleting any programs you do not use or need. Your cache also takes up valuable space over time; be sure to clear your cache frequently to ensure your computer speed does not slow down or freeze. 

Restart Your Computer 

This is the easiest option but not always the most convenient; depending on your computer, there are different ways to shutdown a frozen computer. On a Mac, you can press “command,” “option,” and “escape” at the same time. Microsoft computers can be restarted with “control,” “alt,” and “delete” at the same time.

If all else fails, call in the professionals! We would love to help you restore your device. Fill out our contact form today!

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