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Employee Spotlight: Jenifer Davis

Employee Spotlight: Jenifer Davis

Jenifer Davis has been with Premier Networx since January 2017 and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in September 2018. As COO, Jen is responsible for the daily operation of Premier Networx including: spearheading new initiatives, overseeing the implementation of company strategies, establishing policies that promote the Premier Networx culture and vision, and keeping the team organized, motivated, engaged, and focused. Jen has played a major part in the growth of Premier Networx and her passion is contagious and inspiring to not only our employees, but to our clients, business partners, and the community as well. “At Premier Networx, we focus all of our efforts on over-delivering on our promises by staying up to date on cutting-edge technology and by putting the customer first, which is why we are so highly respected in the community and a big reason as to why we are growing so fast. It’s an exciting time to be in our industry and we are ready to lead the charge in the greater Augusta region,” says Jen.

Jen is very active with the Columbia County Chamber having been an ambassador in years past and part of the 2019 Leadership class. Charities that she is currently active with includes: serving on the board for When Help Can’t Wait, The Southeastern Firefighter’s Burn Foundation, and the Columbia County Forward Foundation. She is also involved in the planning and execution of many events throughout the year that benefits SafeHomes of Augusta, the Augusta American Red Cross chapter, and the Kidney Foundation.

Jen is an Augusta native and loves Augusta for it’s big-small town feel, “you have everything you need here without the traffic and hustle of a bigger city. You also can’t beat the excellent schools and outdoor recreation facilities.” In her free time, Jen spends time with her three children, Skyler, Parker, and Presley and she enjoys traveling as much as she can.

20 Random things about Jen!

  1. What’s the one food you can’t resist? Chewy brownies, edges only!
  2. What’s your greatest fear? Hard to narrow this one down but I guess I’d have to go with heights
  3. Where is your favorite place to be? The beach
  4. What’s your favorite movie? The Notebook
  5. If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be? I like funny people so I’d have to go with Mellissa McCarthy, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell
  6. If you could have one talent, what would it be? Play a musical instrument
  7. If you won the lottery, what would you buy first? A plane ticket
  8. What’s your favorite outdoor activity? Anything near or on the water
  9. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Laundry!!!
  10. What did you want to be when you were a kid? A marine biologist
  11. What’s your spirit animal? Dolphin
  12. What is one thing on your bucket list? See the Northern Lights
  13. What is your biggest pet peeve? tardiness
  14. What is your dream vacation? Bali
  15. If you could be a member of any TV-Sitcom family, which would it be? The Dunfey’s
  16. What is the funniest joke you know by heart? How do you make a tissue dance?…Put a little boogie in it LOL
  17. How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza? Love it!
  18. What job would you be terrible at? Anything medical, I pass out at the sight of blood or needles
  19. What could you give a 30 minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation? Kidney disease/transplant
  20. Three words that describe you: hard headed, adventurous, procrastinator

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