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Advantages and Disadvantages of AI

Advantages and Disadvantages of AI

AI – or artificial intelligence – is everywhere, and so are the opinions. AI is essentially giving computers the power to learn and think like humans. While this can be scary, do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Let’s dive into both so you can make an informed decision. 


Advantages Disadvantages
1. Reduction in Human Error: humans have and always will make mistakes from time to time. However, with artificial intelligence, this error is significantly reduced by giving a computer loads of information and allowing it to operate within its algorithm.  1. Chances of Unemployment: This has been one of the biggest topics of conversation around AI. Because AI can do repetitive and mundane tasks, the need for minimally qualified individuals in the workplace is significantly decreasing. 
2. Constantly available: Humans need sleep but not computers. A lot of helpline centers are starting to implement AI to alleviate the workload on human employees. 2.  Decreasing Human Drive: AI has allowed so much to be automated, we are seeing an increase in lazy humans. So much of today is automated through AI, even your grocery list. 
3. Quicker Decision Making: Because AI does not have to factor in emotions, the technology delivers results (often in forms of decisions) faster than humans can.  3. Emotionless: While AI’s inability to form emotions is a positive, it is also a negative in the employment aspect. AI cannot form real connections with humans, which is essential when building and managing teams. 
4. New Inventions: AI can solve problems that humans cannot, which allows all sorts of new devices and other inventions. The intentions behind this are, in most cases, to make complex problems easier on humans.  4. Expensive to Produce: Because AI is constantly being updated, it constantly needs repairs and maintenance. This repair and maintenance cost is in addition to its already costly production. They are a never ending money pit.  


Artificial intelligence can be equally helpful as it can be harmful; it is all about how you use the technology. To learn more about how you can use AI to enhance your business, give us a call today or fill out our contact form!


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